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Recruit an Apprentice…

Looking to grow your business but wondering how to go about recruiting an apprentice? It doesn’t need to be a long-winded, complex process.

KCC Ltd has worked with countless businesses throughout London, providing them with brilliant apprentices.

We can post your vacancy online via the NAS (National Apprenticeship Service) Vacancies service and then assist in screening potential applicants for the purposes of your business and arranging interviews.

Quite simply, it is one of the best ways to add fresh new talent into your business and a dynamic combination of bright thinking and energetic productivity.

According to the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS):

  • 89% of employers reported that recruiting an apprentice improved the quality of their business.
  • Apprenticeships boost business productivity by £214 a week on average.

All you have to pay for is the Apprentice’s salary, which has been set by the UK government at £3.40/hour.

Unless your apprentice has turned 19 before their Apprenticeship commences, you will not need to contribute toward recruitment or training costs.

Also, if there are fewer than 50 employees working for your company, you may be eligible for an apprenticeship grant for employers.

  • A great way of bringing in fresh energy into your business.
  • A low cost recruitment strategy.
  • A funded, accredited training programme that supports young people into employment.
  • A programme that has been created around employers’ requirements for skills including industry-led vendor certifications.
  • A reduction in recruitment time and costs.
  • Increased staff retention and loyalty as apprentices grow within your business environment.
  • A low risk, low cost means to address skills shortages.
  • Enhanced reputation for your business from clients.
  • One-to-one business support to overcome growth challenges/skills shortages/recruitment strategies

Here it is – the UK is suffering from an IT Skills Shortage!

Tech City UK’s Tech Nation 2016 report outlined the continual growth of the UK’s Digital Tech Economy (now employing over 1.56 million people in the UK and contributing £161 billion in turnover to the economy)

There are three main job types within the digital tech economy:

  1. 22% are digital jobs in the tech industry.
  2. 37% are non-digital job in the tech industry.
  3. 41% are digital jobs in a traditional industry.

A growing reliance on new technology highlights everyday challenges for employers in engaging with, attracting and retaining staff with the right combination of skills in a world where technology is paramount to build innovation.

By 2020, the demand for digital talent will continue to grow with a requirement for over 2,000,000 new entrants to the sector.


  • 43% of businesses say that being unable to source talent is the greatest challenge to their growth.
  • 1 in 3 businesses source talent from local universities.
  • Over 20% of employers have to hire outside of the UK.

One solution? Apprenticeships! The government continues to invest further in such programmes so that employers can benefit from growth and workforce development opportunities.

Upskill your existing employees…

Aside from using the Apprenticeship programme to recruit new apprentices into your business, you can also upskill your existing staff to increase the knowledge base and skill level of your current workforce. A combination of hands-on learning and on-the-job training is effective for someone who already works within your business and has the potential and drive to make further progress.

The IT skills shortage means a further 120,000 new recruits are required each year. If employers do not manage to fill this skills shortage, businesses and the whole industry may suffer, whilst UK could fall behind competitors in European and world markets.

It therefore makes perfect sense to safeguard your business by upskilling employees from your current workforce.

Tailored Business Consultation

KCC Ltd is available and ready to support businesses with recruitment analyses, labour market skills gap advice and general recruitment improvement needs including upskill training and development for existing staff on a flexible basis.

In addition to providing flexible evening and weekend classes, our web technology facilitates remote live and stored e-learning facilities to ensure learning that doesn’t disrupt business commitment from employees. Your staff will have the ability to learn without the hassle of travel/accommodation costs and without clashing of timetables against business commitments.

Apprentices benefit from one-to-one support and tuition, official curriculum digital courseware and virtual labs to ensure the most immersive hands-on learning experience that remains available beyond course completion.

The Apprenticeship Levy

Very soon all employers with a salary bill of over £3 million will have to pay into an apprenticeship levy. However, businesses that do not plan on bringing new recruits into their business can use their levy funds to upskill employees from an organisation’s existing workforce