Motivation and Confidence Building

Motivation and confidence are essential to success and by looking at your hobbies, preferences and habits and seeing what motivates you at present, we can help you to identify where your current strengths lie, what your skills are, and the right words to describe them in order to realise your potential to the maximum.

Many people struggle to identify their ideal job, career opportunity and progression pathway. Sometimes people can feel stuck, demotivated and worthless when they lack qualifications, skills, previous experience and personal development aspects. These factors can affect self-esteem, decision making and how we succeed in achieving our best. Cultivating motivation and confidence building can change all of that! Have you ever said to yourself:

– I have no skills
– I have no qualifications
– No one will employ me
– I don’t know what I want to do
– I feel embarrassed when I talk or explain things
– I can’t speak in public, I get nervous

At 5E Ltd our inspiring Motivation and Confidence Building workshops are designed to empower you with a realisation of all your strengths and how you can use them to your advantage in getting a job, working more effectively and taking challenges in your stride with the knowledge that you are capable of achieving workable goals and improving your weaknesses and moving forward towards positive change.

Session duration

2 hours