Telephone Etiquette

Most of us spend hours chatting on the phone to friends and family, but formal telephone calls require special manners. In the working environment, the way you answer a phonecall is important because you are representing a company. Bad telephone manners give a bad impression on the company. Good telephone manners impress customers and partners to do business again in the future. In this Telephone Etiquette workshop we discuss some guidelines of etiquette for receiving or making formal calls.

We think about the best ways to introduce yourself to someone and to state the purpose of your phonecall, ask the right questions and take down notes (names, telephone numbers, appointment times) and the best way to politely end the conversation and finish the phonecall. Example methods include:

– Good afternoon, Jenna speaking, how may I help you? (answering)
– May I ask who is calling? (finding out caller information)
– Unfortunately Jim is not in the office at the moment, would you like me to leave a message? (getting information)
– James is on his lunchbreak unfortunately, shall I ask him to give you a call back when he returns?
– Thank you for calling/Hope to hear from you soon, take care, bye (ending conversation)

Good telephone etiquette can help you obtain and sustain a job, so try this workshop and brush up your skills! This could be the first step in improving your communication in the workplace by sounding more confident, concise, efficient and helpful.

Session duration
2 hours