The Work Programme is designed to gain access and provide lasting employment and re-engage individuals into work. Our advice and guidance team will undertake necessary diagnostics assessments to ensure that any barriers to work and or strengths and weaknesses identified as barriers to work are rectified tough job search facilities and soft skills workshops such as interview skills, CV building etc. via a number of progressive stages. Where required, specialist training classes are available for you to improve your skillset prior to gaining employment. During your employment, an advisor will be in contact with you to keep up to date on your progress.

Our Commitment to You

  • A flexible service that is convenient and accessible
  • A personalised package of support that is tailored to your needs
  • A professional Careers Academy and support to help you develop and progress in work
  • Priority access to exclusive job vacancies and job market information
  • Respect at all times and support to help you set our own goals


Programme Outcomes

  • Secure highly sustainable employment
  • Ability to confidently find jobs in the local labour market
  • Effective career guidance and progression
  • Success at job interviews


The Work Programme duration is based on the individual requirements for obtaining sustainable employment. The programme duration is to a maximum of 104 weeks.